Control Severe Panic Attacks Before They Ruin Your Life

Excessive expectations and the burden of becoming the top performer may often fill us up with a lot of anxiety at our work place. This may result in severe panic attacks at the wrong times when you are giving an important presentation or when you discussing some important assignment with your top management. Severe panic attacks will fill your mind with so much of confusion that you would feel that you are going to die or your body parts have stopped functioning.  If you think that going through severe panic attack is bad, the shocking aftereffects will make your life more miserable. A severe panic attack firmly plants its feet in our mind and make us live in constant fear of going through the hellish experience again.

How to treat severe panic attacks

This kind of panic attacks should not be taken lightly as in extreme cases these can prove to be fatal. Diet modification and including an exercise routine is not the simple solution of dealing with severe panic attacks. One needs to take consultation from an experience psychiatrist to deal with this problem. The patients may be put on the regular medication or have to undergo therapy and counseling sessions to develop confidence and find permanent cure of severe panic attacks.

control severe panic attacks

Counseling to calm your mind

Inventor of the famous program “Panic Away”, Joe McDonagh feels that many patients that suffer from severe panic attacks are of the mindset that their problem is unique and there is no known cure for their miseries. To bring about the much needed improvement in our lives an individual need to instill firm faith in oneself that we can defeat any kind of pressure and can emerge as a winner in even the toughest of circumstances.

We need to breakdown the self imposed barrier and should try to do away with tension and stress which may be holding us back from realizing our true potential. The stage one of Panic Away “one move technique” will help the individuals in attaining this paradigm shift and will make them more psychologically stable. One can attend one to one counseling session with experts and if you are too shy to visit a psychiatrist you can even purchase counseling CDs and presentations from Panic Away and watch them in the comforts of your home.

Along with counseling, a doctor may also suggest you to initially take some medications which will be helpful initially to calm down your over agitated brains. However these medicines will prove to be ineffective in the long run and only regular counseling along with suitable lifestyle modifications will help you find complete relief from these severe panic attacks.

Cognitive Therapy to cure severe panic attacks

This therapy will slowly yet steadily take away the worries and anxiety from our lives and replace it with courage that we can face sever panic attacks boldly without breaking down. Cognitive therapy eliminates the chances of severe panic attack by freeing our mind from negative images and fear of panic attack.

Severe panic attacks may leave us in a devastated state. But by regular counseling coupled with right therapy and suitable modifications in diet and lifestyle we can eliminate the fear of these severe panic attacks.

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