Common Signs Of A Yeast Infection You Should Know

1.  Signs Of A Yeast Infection In Women

Women are the most vulnerable to Vaginal Yeast Infection. Researchers have shown that 75% women get this condition in their life and many of them may have 3 or 4 re-infections in a year. Yeast infection in women comes with a variety of different signs with their vaginal area such as:

  • Vaginal Itching

The most revelatory sign of Candida  is constant itching in vaginal area. When the infection extends around the vulva, labia and anus, itching can become more intense.

  • Vaginal Discharge

You may get a Candida if there is some cheesy discharge of which texture can ranges from watery to somewhat thick released from your vaginal area. In spite of this discharge being odorless, you sometimes smell faint bread or beer. It is considered to be an earlier sign of the infection, so keep an eye on it.

  • Vaginal Inflammation

When there are too much yeasts living in the vagina, the vulva and vaginal tissues inflame, resulting in burning feeling. Therefore, if you find the mouth of vagina swelled and red, you may get a Candida.

  • Painful Urination

Vaginal yeast infection sufferers will have agonizing sensation when urinating as acidic urine gets into touch with swelled vaginal tissues and vulva.

  • Rash

A rash may appear as a result of inflaming and moisture in the vaginal opening. This indicator likes a swollen diaper rash, a condition that a baby who wears diaper might get.

  • Pain During Intercourse

When you have a Candida, you will find sexual activities extremely painful. In addition, yeast can be transmitted to your partner during sex. So, avoid this activity until you (even both you and your partner) treat the infection completely.

  • Discomfort

The discomfort is not a direct signs of Candida but a consequence of all pain and itch. In particular, it becomes so serious that you don’t want to go anywhere, especially crowded places. This feeling goes away when the symptoms disappear.

2.  Signs Of A Yeast Infection In Men

Candida mostly occurs in women, but men also can get this infection in some cases. If men take antibiotics for a long time or have diabetes, they are more likely to get a penile infection.  Also, men can develop this infection when they have unprotected sex with a female partner who is suffering from the condition.  Some first signs of a yeast infection in men are itching, burning, flaming or rash in the virilia, and painful urination….

3.   Signs Of A Yeast Infection In Children

Children can also get Oral Thrush, a common type of Candida that people of all ages can suffer from. A first symptom of Thrush is white painful lesions in the mouth, tongue or inner checks. In severe case, these lesions may cause difficult or painful swallowing….

If you or beloved ones have these above symptoms, visit your doctor for a check-up to have a proper treatment for yeast infection. If you want to get further knowledge of yeast infection, let’s look for Natural Cure for Yeast Infection  that is known as an effective and forever Candida treatment, right?

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