The Cause of Thinning Hair in Woman

Thinning hair in woman can be one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging conditions any woman can face.

It is important to highlight the natural resting or telogen phase of hair growth. The hair follicles can be shocked into this phase due to a number of stresses, most commonly a bad hair dye or perming solution. This is a temporary stage and the hair will revert to a  normal growth pattern in a number of weeks.

The first sign of thinning hair can be an indication of any one of the following:

  • a vitamin deficiency
  • a hormonal imbalance
  • bad nutrition
  • high stress levels
  • birth control pills and other long term medications
  • pregnancy
  • poor diet
  • low progesterone levels in the body
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • low iron levels
  • an excess of Vitamin A levels
  • certain medications for high blood pressure, arthritis and blood thinners

The #1 rule for thinning hair in woman is obtaining the correct diagnosis, because if there is a underlying medical problem this needs to be addressed prior to treating the thinning hair problem. In many cases both conditions can be inter-related and as the underlying condition improves so does the hair.

Natural Hair Loss Solutions

the cause of thinning hair in woman ebloghealth.comMinoxidil (Rogaine) is a popular topical solution for hair loss that will thicken existing hair but will not generate new growth. This can be helpful in the short therm but does nothing to restore the hair to its natural growth cycle.

Start by eliminating some bad habits from your diet and daily routine. You may wish to start with some of the following suggestions:-

Vitamin Deficiency

taking a multivitamin which is high in hair healthy vitamins such as B, C, D and E as well as other important nutrients like calcium, copper, zinc, iron and magnesium.  Also including a fish oil supplement containing Vitamin D and essential fatty acids will boost your immune system.

Balance Hormones

if you have noticed the onset of menopause or hormonal changes taking an endocrine support supplement will help balance your hormones naturally.

Improve Diet

eating a healthy well balanced diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and protein rich foods will not only improve your hair growth but your overall well-being will be greatly improved.

Emotional Health

eliminating stress levels can be difficult but well worth the effort. Taking yoga or meditation classes can help reduce stress levels. Maintaining a regular exercise routine can also help with stress as well as your overall well-being.

The Alternative Approach

there are a number of alternative therapies that can help with hair loss. Scalp massage, acupuncture and acupressure are just three that have helped many women suffering hair loss.

Rest assured there are solutions available, it may just take some time to find the right solution for you.

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