Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment Home Remedy

Bleeding hemorrhoids are considered to be the worst of its kind. Although there are internal and external it is usually the internal ones that cause the bleeding. With early detection and diagnoses from a doctor, bleeding hemorrhoids treatment can be started and relief will soon follow.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

Although the cause for bleeding hemorrhoids is unknown, there are theories as to what might cause them. Inadequate intake of fiber along with chronic straining due to constipation and prolonged sitting on the toilet are thought to all be possible causes due to the amount of pressure on the rectum. Pregnancy is a clear cause, although the actual reason is not clear.

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Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment vary depending on the severity of the patient`s case, treatment can vary from applying topical creams to laser surgery. The most extreme type of treatment would be laser surgery; there are two types of laser surgery, infrared photocoagulation and laser coagulation. Laser coagulation uses a green spectrum laser light that is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood and causes coagulation (blood clots). In infrared photocoagulation, an intense beam of infrared light creates heat that is used to cause scar tissue. This scar tissue cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid which then causes it to shrink and fall off.

how to cure hemorrhoids fastAnother treatment is called rubber band ligation. In this type of procedure a doctor uses an anoscope (type of viewing instrument) inserted in the anus along with an instrument used for grasping. The doctor then grasps the hemorrhoid and using the device puts a rubber band around the base of it. This rubber band placement cuts off blood supply to the hemorrhoid causing it to shrink and eventually fall off. There is also a procedure called sclerotherapy. With this type of procedure a medicine is injected into the affected vessels, which causes them to shrink. If none of these procedures work or are unavailable there is also hemorrhoidectomy that can be considered. Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical removal of the hemorrhoid. With this procedure the patient is given either general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia, this is so the patient will feel no pain during the surgery.

Incisions are made in the tissue that surrounds the hemorrhoid. The vein that is swollen inside of the affected hemorrhoid is then tied off to avoid bleeding, and then is removed. The area of the removed hemorrhoid is either sewn closed or may be left open. Medicated gauze is then used to cover the wound.

When it comes to bleeding hemorrhoid treatments there is no short supply of antidotes. Smaller hemorrhoids can be treated usually with creams or a change in diet. Medium to large hemorrhoids might require a more severe treatment. Be sure to check with a medical professional before self medicating. They will be able to tell if it is just a hemorrhoid or something that might be more serious. The medical professional will also be able to prescribe medications or topical creams if need be or perform the needed procedure to relieve the uncomfortable and bothersome hemorrhoids. Hope you find this Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment helpful.

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