Backyard Liberty System Review – Is Backyard Liberty A Scam?

Backyard Liberty Review – Does It Really Work?!

In this post I’m going to share with you my personal experience with the Backyard Liberty Aquaponics System. This is their official website: Backyard Liberty Official Website

As you might already know, I started growing my own food a year ago. Back then I didn’t know anything about gardening. All I knew was I had to find a solution to protect my 2 kinds and my wife, during this food crisis.  Above all this I couldn’t keep up with the grocery bills, because the prices were increasing faster than my monthly income.

So I started my gardening adventure, with raised beds. The small backyard allowed me to arrange 5 beds with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, carrots and a few potatoes.

Backyard liberty aquaponics system review pdf ebook download

After a year of raised beds gardening, I drew the line and made a review of what I accomplished and the obvious conclusion was this:

Raised beds gardening is a full time job that requires a lot of daily work and energy and… let’s not talk about water consumption.. it basically skyrocketed my water bill.

Overall I spend more money and energy than I would have bought the vegetables from my local market. And above all this wasn’t a solution for the uncertain future since it uses too much water.

Backyard liberty aquaponics pdf reviews book downloadI needed something, else, something revolutionary, something that:

  • Is cheap and easy to create like the raised beds
  • Can produce vegetables even in winter!!! This is very important, the normal outside beds, will only produce one single crop and if you want to feed your family the whole year, you will need a solution for winter also
  • Should be easy to maintain: a few minutes a day, since my wife and I are working from 9 to 5.
  • Requires a small space
  • Doesn’t waste too much water, because I cannot afford any extra payments, anymore…

It seemed an impossible mission. I searched through all the internet and talked with all my friends BUT with no luck. Then one day, I found by mistake, Backyard Liberty Aquaponics.

I met Alex Deacon after reading his story on At first I was skeptical if this system will really work or not. Everything seemed so easy and it looked too good to be true. I had to risk and take this chance because it was my only solution I found to food independency.

So I bought Alec’s Backyard Liberty System. In return I got:

1)      An instructional video that showed me the building process from beginning to end, which btw, it takes around ONE HOUR!

2)      The Backyard Liberty Manual, that contains all the information, on how to build this amazing automated food growing system

3)      A quick start guide, that gave me overview on what I need to do first

4)      and… the cherry from the pie, I also got 3 amazing books as bonuses! This is royal treatment…

Backyard liberty aquaponics pdf review book download

I planned everything, as Alec instructed me and I started to build “the thing” on Tuesday morning. I was a little bit scarred at first, because I thought I couldn’t do it. I’m not the tech guy type. I planned it will take the whole week, but for my wife’s surprise we finished this in less than 2 hours! And this is the first time in my life when I used a hammer!

To tell you the truth I had a secret weapon:

My 6 years old child, Christian, that made most of the work for me

Now, it’s been 4 months since I started using my Backyard Liberty aquaponics system and the conclusions are simply amazing:

1)      The Backyard Liberty System is so simple that a 6 years old child can do it

2)      It’s cheaper to implement than any other alternative system

3)      It’s easy to maintain (15 minutes a day): you don’t need to work the land in that weird ostrich position (bottom up, and head down, I just hated that position!!!)

4)      You will have a continuous source of proteins from fish (this is very important to keep a balanced diet)

5)      The water bills stayed basically the same since it doesn’t waste any water.

6)      It requires little space; you can even place this system in your basement.

7)      I can eat spinach (my favorite) even in winter, since I installed my first aquaponics system in my garage.

Backyard liberty aquaponics system review scam or legit?

Even if:

  • You have no experience with gardening
  • Or You don’t know how to use a hammer, or worse, you don’t have one!
  • Or You don’t have a big space to grow your food (it only requires around 10 square feet!)

You should consider building your own aquaponics system. It will give you a fresh and cheap source of vegetables for the whole year. You will also be fully protected of their 365 days money back satisfaction guarantee. This way you won’t have anything to lose.

Here’s the Backyard Liberty official link again

>> Get Your Backyard Liberty Aquaponics – 45% OFF regular price <<

Backyard liberty aquaponics pdf review book download

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A few pictures with my Backyard Liberty veggies:

Backyard liberty aquaponics system review pdf download

My first aquaponics cucumber

Here’s a picture with a my family and our first consistent crop, taken by Christian.

Backyard liberty aquaponics system review testimonials and success stories

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