Anorexia Hair Loss Symptoms

Sufferers of anorexia nervosa are obsessed with body weight and food. Their bodies are denied most of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins required to function normally.  In many cases the body will go into ‘survival mode’, slowing down the metabolism in an attempt to conserve energy. This is a serious and in some instances life threatening situation. Anorexia hair loss is only one of a variety of bodily functions to be affected.

Nutritional Deficiency

anorexia hair loss symptoms ebloghealth.comNutritional deficiency plays an important role in anorexia hair loss. The depletion and lack of the B vitamins (especially B3, B5 and B6) are essential to hair growth and maintaining a head of healthy, luxurious hair. Being low in the minerals sulphur, zinc and magnesium will also cause and add to hair loss.


Dehydration can also have an adverse affect on the body. It is common place for most anorexia sufferers to experience dehydration causing dry skin and dry, brittle and dull hair, along with hair loss in many cases.


Stress is another symptom of anorexia hair loss. Anorexia sufferers go through severe mental and emotional stress during this illness.


Malnutrition is also a contributor to hair loss. Maintaining a healthy and will balanced diet is problematic for anorexia nervosa sufferers. When the bodies calorie intake is severely restricted the body will slow all the natural processes in an attempt to conserve energy. This will result in hair growth becoming stunted or halted completely.

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