8 Most Common Causes Of Yeast Infection In Women

If you are suffering from yeast infection, you should know 8 Most Common Causes Of Yeast Infection In Women

Yeast infection in women is now a very popular disease. So, what are the causes of this infection in women?

You know women are prone to yeast infection of which medical term is Candidiasis. Yeast infection women means micro-organisms called Candida Albicans, which reside in women’s vagina naturally, overgrow in an abnormal way. What lead to the overgrowth? In this article, I will share with you 8 common triggers of yeast infection in women.

1. Condoms

Condoms are considered one causative trigger for yeast infection in women as they can be allergic to the latex in the condoms. In addition, some kinds of condoms contain Nonoxynol-9, a detergent used to kill sperm. Nonoxynol-9 may give germs chances to develop in vagina as it takes away the natural layer of skin in this organ. Hence, this substance can be listed to the cause of Candida if women get the ailment after sexuality using condoms. However, not all condom manufacturers use this substance.

2. Pregnancy and Hormone

Pregnancy as well as imbalance in hormone may increase the risks of Candida because they lead

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to many alternations inside your body, including the changes in the level of different chemicals. And according to researches, these changes can result in your higher possibility of getting this infection.

3. Injury

Injury in the vaginal area which is often thought to be the result of too much friction during sexual activities with inadequate lubrication can cause signs of a yeast infection. To prevent it, you can use several products, for example K-Y jelly.

4. Abuse Of Vagina douches

If you abuse douches frequently, you unintentionally wash away natural lubricants, the substance that plays an important part in bringing you a healthy vagina. It means that you provide a good place for the

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growth of yeast.

5. Antibiotics

Taking antibiotics can destroy natural and healthy bacteria living in the vagina. Like the abuse of vagina douches, this brings perfect environment for yeast infection in women to develop.

6. Sexual transmission

Researches show that Candida can be passed from sexual partner to partner (both women to men and men to women). As symptoms of Candida in men are not shown clearly, a woman who used to get this condition may have a re-infection from their partner. To prevent it, both partners should treat the ailment completely prior to resuming sex.

7. Weakened immune system

HIV and diseases related to autoimmune system weaken immune system. This is a potential cause of Candida. Besides, taking drugs that suppress immune system of people having transplanted organs can also result in getting this infection.

8. Excessive tress

Overmuch stress can change various chemicals in your body, so it bears a potential risk of getting Candida in women. Therefore, keep yourself not too stressed to reduce the possibility of getting the condition.

As you are aware of the causes of yeast infection in women, you will easier to find out an effective prevention as well as treatment. However, to get more information about yeast infection in women, I highly recommend you refer Natural Cure for Yeast Infection in our website.

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