7 Face Makeup Tips that Really Work

Women of all age want to look good regardless of their age. Although many of them are not blessed with perfect skin tone and attractive features. But with some effective face make up tips, you can highlight your attractive features and cover up your facial flaws easily. Here are some practical tips that can go a long way in enhancing your looks.

7 face makeup tips that really work

Step 1:

Foundation is the base of facial make up because it forms the base of the face makeup. Use your fingertips or a damp sponge to dab small dots of the foundation on the forehead, nose, and cheek and chin area and blend well right into your hairline and jaw line. Thereafter, the foundation is blended properly to get an even look of the face.

Step 2:

Concealer is then used on the face to hide any scars, pimples or dark circles. The concealer is applied on the required spots. pply the concealer on the desired spot and spread it towards the edges and do not over-apply it as it will then look too obvious an attempt to hide some flaw.

Step 3:

7 face makeup tips that really work ebloghealth.comChoose the eye shadow color according to the skin tone and apply on the eyelid. A different shade of the eye shadow can be chosen for the crease line. However, it is very important to make sure to blend the color of the eye shadow on the crease line and on the eyelid in a proper manner, so that a smooth look is attained.

Step 4:

Apply eye liner above the eyelash line. The eyeliner should be drawn as close to the lash line as possible to give the impression of thicker eyelashes. An illusion of thicker eye lashes is attained with the application of eye liner. The application process of eye liner is carried out from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

Step 5:

Mascara is then applied on the eye lashes. Mascara helps in defining the eyelashes in a wonderful manner, and helps in elongating and thickening the eye lashes. Two coats of mascara are applied; one in downward direction and the second in upward motion.

An eyelash curler is also an invaluable cosmetic aid but the curling should be done before the applying the mascara.

Step 6:

Now comes the turn of beautifying the lips. A lip liner is first applied on the lips for giving an outline to the lips. Thereafter, internal portion of the lips is filled with lipstick with the help of lip brush.

Lips can be first outlined with a lip liner which is slightly darker than the lipstick color but of the same tone and then the lips can be filled in with the lipstick with a lip brush. The shape of the lips can be corrected with the help of the lip liner. Using a lip brush helps give an even coating of color to the lips. A lip gloss on the middle of the lips will give a fuller look to the lips.

Step 7:

This is the last step – the application of blusher. A smooth look of the face is attained with the help of blusher. Smile while applying the blusher and put it on with upward strokes towards the ears.

If you carefully follow the above mentioned tips, you are sure to learn about the right make up for your face.

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